Sensors for press and tool protection and monitoring – The right sensors for your tool & press – every time. The range includes optical sensors, digital opto sensors, analogue opto sensors, miniaturized single & multibeam light barriers, piezo-electric sensors, eddy current sensors, acoustic emission sensors. Our sensors guarantee a long and reliable operation even under the toughest conditions.

FG Series Datasheet


Product Description


The eddy current sensor WSD-S4/10 has a strictly linear measuring range and can therefore be used for all different kinds of sensing tasks, e.g. for highly precise distance measurement against steel, at high measurement speeds. This also includes double-sheet monitoring on punching tools. The electronic is in the sensor integrated. The analog output U signal is from 0 to 10V DC or output I from 4 to 20mA

The fork type light barriers of FG-Series are very sturdy with a high enclosure rating and therefore ideal for pressing technique and machine tools. The sensor has an integrated amplifier and a switching state indicator by LED. Standard delivery is the sensor with 2m cable and connected to a 7 pin plug for Unidor die-protection box (by request also without the plug).

The multiple beam sensor LAG M – series is perfect to detect small anchorless parts. Parts from 0,2mm will be safety identified.

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