Re-coiling machines

Rewind Reels were designed originally to be used in the electronics industry to handle delicate, prefinished or stamped materials without stretching, deforming, or damaging the strip in any way.


Product Description

 Re-coiling machines

Low voltage (less than 12 volts) antennas sense material position and signal the smoothly accelerating/decelerating DC Drive to maintain a predetermined loop. A solid state controller allows the operator to set the speed to suit press/feed conditions and spool rotation. The drive plate is slotted to accommodate different size spool drive pins and a quick release outer hub supports the spool. The pivoted tension/tuning fork and spring loaded paper interleaf holder provides the right amount of drag tension to ensure correct paper material wrap. The compact modular construction reduces floor space and accommodates a variety of different configurations to suit your particular production needs.

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