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Micro Servo Feed – P/A Industries was the first manufacturer to recognize that the investment (price) was just as important as the new technology of servo-driven press feeding equipment using servo motors to control roll feeds. P/A Industries is the Value Leader with the Most Affordable range of servo roll feeds – with models to fit any serious buyer.




Product Description

Micro Servo Feed

Roll Diameter Size is Critical – All P/A Industries Servo Roll Feed models have extra-large rolls to withstand the toughest abuse and harshest pressroom environment. Compare our rated specifications and generous roll diameter against any other feed builder. Size does make a difference.

All of our mechanical assemblies are made from heavy cast frames, stabilized and then machined. The rugged design of our servo roll feeds eliminates maintenance. And P/A Industries includes user-friendly features at no extra charge like catenary, quick-release handles to adjust roller stock guides, exit support and stock buckle bridge, transition mounting brackets, positive pilot release roller cam and roll release lever for material insertion.



  • Hard Chrome Feed Rolls with Matte Finish to Provide
  • Increased Grip
  • Adjustable Roll Lift
  • Quick Change Rolls Can be Machined to Accept Wire or Profiled Material
  • Feed Rolls are Mounted in Permanently Sealed
  • Anti-Friction Ball Bearings
  • Two Quick Release Adjustable Edge Stock Guides
  • Entrance Material Support
  • Pneumatic Pilot Release



  • ISO Certified Electrical Components wired to JIC, NEC and CE Standards
  • Backlit, LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Inch/Metric, Multi-Language Selectability
  • Mushroom Emergency Stop with Auxiliary Contacts for Multi-Unit Stop
  • NEMA 4/12/13 Enclosure
  • Feed Complete Programmable Output Relay
  • Batch Counter
  • Jog-To-Length
  • Built-In I/O Diagnostics
  • Check Feed Synchronization Confirmation
  • High Performance Digital Servo Drive, PLC and Motor
  • Optional Hand Held Remote Jog Pendant

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