Servo Roll Feed Model Maximus

The Model Maximus is built to handle your most demandng feeding applications.

The robust frame is designed for feeding material up to half an inch thick. A heavy-duty servomotor and gearbox drive the massive six-inch diameter rolls providing optimum pulling power, speed and accuracy.


Product Description

Servo Roll Feed Model Maximus

Extended length, heavy duty catenary entrance rolls and self-centering stock edge guides, as well as the Feed Mounting Cabinet with 12″ of Height Adjustment are just a few of the standard mechanical features. The High Performance Digital Servo Drive provides the latest Servo Feed technology.


  • 1.5” (38 mm) Thick, Machined Frame
  • Two 5” (127 mm) Diameter Pneumatic Cylinders Provide Roll Pressure
  • Self-Centering Edge Guides for Strip Insertion
  • Urethane Covered Catenary Rolls for Additional Material Protection
  • 6 Inch (152 mm) Diameter, Hard Chrome Feed Rolls are Texturized for Positive Grip
  • Precision, Low Backlash Worm Gearbox
  • Pneumatic Pilot Release
  • Feed Mounting Cabinet with 12” (305 mm) of Height Adjustment


  • ISO Certified Electrical Components Wired to JIC, NEC, & CE Standards
  • Backlit, LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Built-In I/O Diagnostics Assists in Troubleshooting
  • Batch Counter
  • Password Protected Job Storage
  • On-The-Fly, Micro Adjust Feed Length
  • Inch/Metric, Multi-Language Selectability
  • Single Stroke or Continuous Press Mode Capability
  • Jog Pendant
  • Jog-To-Length Capability
  • High Performance Digital Servo Drive And Motor
  • NEMA 4/12/13 Enclosure
  • Free Standing and Portable Console Stand
  • Mushroom Emergency Stop with Auxiliary Contacts for Multi-Unit Stop
  • Lockable Power Disconnect Switch

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