PAS Engineering Lubrication Systems – band spray lubrication systems consisting of a spray unit and a suction unit for extracting the excess lubricant. Ideal for use where control of lubricants is essential and excess lubricant mist associated with conventional spray systems is not required, ie in food or medical production applications.

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Lubrication Systems

The Strip Spraying System Optima BSO makes spraying of punching strips possible.  Thanks to a component lubrication chamber which optimises atomising characteristics thus giving exact application of oil which is applied as a film, this can be applied to a wide range of strips of up to 400 mm wide (larger on request).  (Lubrication chamber is mounted to the feed table of the press).  The punching strip runs through the lubrication chamber using a contactless method.

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Due to the lubrication chamber construction, it is proven that an over or under lubricated strip, within the punching process, can seriously impair life span of progression press tool, thus causing down time etc.

The optima BSO system incorporates a volumetric gear pump with a stepper motor drive which makes it possible to meter output of lubrication very accurately over a very large scope.

The powerful suction system prevents the possible overspill of lubrication to the outside of the lubrication chamber.

The excess lubrication is vacuumed out of the lubrication chamber and collected in a reservoir and recycled so that it can be re-used.  The strip spraying system can cope with a lubrication viscosity range of approx 1 to 120 mm / 2/s at a temperature of 20oC this is possible with the built in monitoring device which is installed as standard as well as lubrication level monitoring, tank pressure monitoring and maintenance monitoring.

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