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  • POWER MASTER Presses

    The POWER MASTER range – SAFETY, TECHNOLOGY, PRECISION – Solid and rigid frame construction – Available with 1, 2 or 4 connecting rods – Tonnage range from 1000 to 30000kN – Manufactured according to each working requirement – Integration with coil lines – Presses with quick die change consisting of two “T-TRACK moving bolsters, – Automatic blanking line for small parts within the automotive industry. – Mechanical transfer – Blanking with multi-position die served by transfer feed Benfits – Used of the latest and most reliable technologies – Pressings manufactured with high precision thanks to the bronze guides and roller guides – Use of sophisticated computerised systems

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    The MOTION-MASTER range – Rigid, control & innovation – Blanking & coining lines – Drawing up to 160mm deep – Slow-down at the impact point – Decelerating ram press – Available wit 1, 2 or 4 connecting rods – Tonnage range from 1000 to 30000kN Benefits – Optimum blanking and coining capacity – High drawing capacity – Modified double knuckle joint construction

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  • HIPRO Master Press

    The HIPRO-MASTER range – High speed and precision – Dynamic balancing of the moving mass – Dynamic balancing device to eliminate any vibration and transmission of low dynamic forces to the die – Ram equipment with roller linear guides – 1000 to 3000kN Benefits – Improvement of ram parallelism – High quality pressings produced – Reduction of tool wear – Vibrations are almost completely eliminated

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