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  • Mould tool components

    Fibro Mould tool components – For many years FIBRO earned a reputation for excellence in the selection of standard parts in the field of cutting, stamping tools and machine tools. So it was only logical to add a similar range for mould making. FIBRO mould making range includes:

    -guide pillars
    -guide bushes
    -guide elements
    -ejector pins
    -bolt guides
    -gas springs
    -spring plungers
    -general mould components
    -transport and fixing elements

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  • Oilless guide bushes

    Fibro Oilless guide bushes – The production engineering possibilities of FIBRO allow the manufacture of three even finer tolerance classes for the already exact guide pillars and bushes. This makes it possible to achieve exactly defined guide clearances for sliding guides or initial loads of ball guides. Depending on the application, we offer oilless guide elements for self-assembly of custom-made die sets, tooling or devices in various designs.

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  • Die sets

    Fibro Die sets – Our product range includes die sets as per DIN / ISO and company standards made of steel, cast or aluminium with slide or ball guide. We also distribute small presses, precision tool assemblies and quick change tool sets.

    On request, we deliver to you these die sets with other guide elements, such as roller guides, for example. Of course, we also manufacture individual custom-made pillar guide sets.

    Those who prefer cost-effective die sets will receive the ECO-Line steel pillar set, a set with bronze-plated sliding guide bushes.

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  • FIBRO Guide Elements


    The production engineering capabilities of FIBRO allow the manufacture of three even finer tolerance classes for the already precision guide pillars, bushes & ball cages. This makes it possible to achieve defined guide clearances for sliding guides or initial loads of ball guides.

    Depending on the application, we offer guide elements for self-assembly or custom-made die sets or devices in various designs. These include sinter sliding, ball or roller guides as well as low-maintenance sliding elements for round or flat guides.

    Our ball guides are not only intended for mould making and tool manufacture. It does not matter whether the application is measuring or in dental technologies, mechanical engineering or in the optical industry; if precise movements are to be carried out, our ball guides prove themselves time and again to be the best on the world wide market.

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  • Fibroflex elastomer products

    Firbo Fibroflex elastomer products – Our product portfolio includes plates, tubes and profiles as forming elements for unconventional solutions, for sensitive surfaces and for special solutions. Our elastomers are also interesting as buffers, scrapers and ejectors. Cutting, stamping and reshaping by means of FIBROFLEX forming materials is especially suitable for the production of small and medium series.

    The main advantages are…

    • favourable expenditure of time and costs. for dimensional workpiece modifications or release series, this also means a quick response to new market or delivery time requirements.
    • a surface-protecting manufacturing procedure. plates that are pre-coated or have a high gloss finish and must be protected from scratches or damages are gaining an increasing importance. Here, often the only alternative is reshaping by means of FIBROFLEX®.
    • the considerably longer service life in comparison to natural and synthetic rubber types.
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  • Cam Units

    Fibro Cam Units – Due to the limited movements of every press tool, often not all special forming processes can be performed with one tool. Only the introduction of tool slides, which allow a forming process of more complex geometries via a change of direction, makes it possible to reduce the number of tools and the associated costs.

    Our product portfolio includes the Keil cam slide unit, cam slide unit KBV1 and roller slide units, as well as the hydraulic flex cam system. For processes that require a stronger force, you should not opt for the FIBRO Compact Cam (FCC).

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  • Gas Springs, Steel Springs & Elastomer Spring

    Steel Springs

    We manufacture and deliver steel springs and spring shape elements for stamping and forming technology as well as High Performance Compression Springs made of special steel, disc springs and spring shape elements.


    Elastomer Springs

    We offer a wide range of elastomer springs, spring shape elements, ejectors and stripping units made of polyurethane rubber.


    Gas Springs

    The extensive range of FIBRO Gas Springs constitutes an ideal supplement to and expansion of the traditional programmes of springs elements such als helical springs, disc springs and elastomer units. Compact gas springs represent a substantial step forward in spring technology and are also available for high-temperature environments. Apart from the stipulated Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC), some of our gas springs are equipped with additional safety features. “The Safer Choice” are unique safety advantages that include overstroke protection, overpressure protection and piston rod protection. This puts our spring among the safest on the market.

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  • Punches

    Fibro Standard Punches – Punches in different materials, with countersunk or socket heads conforming to DIN/ISO standards or own or customers specifications. Ball-lock punches and dies. All these high-wear parts benefit from the constant monitoring of quality that characterizes our entire standard parts fabrication process, from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch of the finished product. The result an exceptionally long die life cuts costs dramatically in the punching shop by reducing the need for tool changes. Ball-lock retainers, square, rectangular, round and triangle for precision punches and quick-change precision punches. Precision-made cylindrical pins complying with DIN standards or fitted with retraction jackets, in reduced tolerance ranges specially adapted for the toolmaking industry.

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